Repeat Offender
21. art student living in brooklyn, that's about it.


and, if you can’t afford my recipes try Rachel Ray’s cheap ass


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ajuma nasenyana for vanidad s/s 2007

eupphoria omg same. Like seeing how easy it is to get into an accident fuels my paranoia, like it’s so scary, u could b the person who makes the mistake or someone else does something dumb that u can’t control. Ughh freaks me out

I feel like I’ve seen more car accidents and ppl getting hit by cars happen on my block than I have in movies n it just makes more and more apprehensive towards learning how to drive


I want to transform into a wild prolific workaholic artist and student, and have no time for tumblr, no time for anything but my own creative and academic fulfillment

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Finally giving up on being a lazy bum and actually organizing clothes to keep/throw out then taking inventory of art supplies I have/need to buy and then making some sketches for work I wanna make/paint. Yes. Doing all these things I had a whole summer to do.


on the cover of harper’s bazaar korea magazine, august 2014
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